Farewell My Legume

Farewell My Legume is the first, and possibly only, entry in the exciting literary genre of “squirrel noir”.


I tried to get them to make the paperback worn and creased and stained and smelling of smoke, like a good 25 cent flea market fiction paperback.
They couldn’t do that for me. They also couldn’t make it a quarter. So there’s an e-book edition too.

The ENTIRE book can be read, with illustrations, at riverratsc.wordpress.com

The lead character and his world were developed in a series of short stories.

Private Nut
Private Nut: Nice Guys
Private Nut: Day Off
Private Nut: Behind the Scenes
Private Nut: Happy Hour
Private Nut: Band Aids
Private Nut: Christmas Party
Private Nut: The Corporate Life
Private Nut: The Letter