Welcome to sdmahaney.org, the home of published works (and lesser emissions) of Shawn D. Mahaney. This site will focus on current and upcoming books from Shawn, blog posts about research and writing and publishing, and snippets and previews from upcoming works.

The running blog for Shawn is staying at riverratsc.wordpress.com. There you will find current commentary, bad puns, and writing about stuff other than writing.

An archive of the old blog (from back in the Myspace days) is on this server. All the entries can be found here.

About the Author

Shawn D. Mahaney usually tells people he is from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is really born and raised in nearby Ypsilanti, home to the Willow Run bomber plant (he even worked there for a bit when it was GM Hydramatic). Trained as an engineer and with decades of practice in a variety of industrial settings, he kept up writing here and there just for kicks.

Until that squirrel picture came along…