"Just in Case"

by Shawn Mahaney on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 9:22pm ·

I was almost a Boy Scout.  I still take that "Be Prepared" thing pretty serious.  But I never got it confused with the Saturday afternoon horror flicks.  There was no stocking up on holy water, or garlic, or... whatever one uses to counter Frankenstein.


But that was before the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE became big business!


Introducing the Black Dawn Zombie Slayer.


This 16" carbine rifle, semi-flat-top, in NATO 5.56, is sure to help you double-tap those marauding undead by the dozen.

Yes, this is a REAL GUN for which they want REAL MONEY (it's kinda pricey compared to similar name-brand rifles).

But you could spend less and get just the dress-up kit, with the very un-camo screaming zombie motif.


Just so we're all caught up here, you do understand that, even if FEMA does a comic book about them, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ZOMBIES, right?


But wait a minute... there may be money to be made here.  Some other manufacturers have jumped in with other accessories, and ammo.

Yeah, Hornady Zombie-Max, "Just In Case".  Ok, then!  What else could we sell to the fantastically minded?


Unicorn tears has been done.


But I bet no one has tried to sell werewolf after-shave!


Oh yes, this could be lucrative.  Maybe, if we really get the con going, we can even try to market a medical text book..."What to Do When Discovering a Woman With a Heart".

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