Men vs Women: Pointless Showdown #347,491

by Shawn Mahaney on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 at 11:58am ·

Men vs Women: Pointless Showdown #347,491


Bad news for men, as they are shown to be suckers for mammaried malware, a voluptuous virus, or curvaceous crackers.


"Men more likely to fall for Facebook scams thanks to sexy women"

"A recent study commissioned by anti-virus software company Bitdefender reveals that males are more likely to fall for Facebook scams, especially if the predator is a sexy female.


According to the findings, 64.2 percent of women rejected Facebook friend requests compared to 55.4 percent of men. When an attractive woman's photo was associated with the profile, men were more likely to accept friend requests. There was not a noticeable difference for the women. "


But there's a serious knock on women in this week's news.  As they say, there are three fast ways to spread news: Telegram, telephone, or tell-a-woman.


"Beware of putting your trust in a woman – for the likelihood is she will have broken your confidence barely half an hour later, a study has shown."

"Researchers found that women are overcome by the desire to gossip and can typically wait  no longer than 32 minutes before spilling the beans.

The study of 3,000 women by facial skincare brand Simple found one in ten admits being unable to keep a secret – no matter how  personal or confidential the news is. And  85 per cent said they relish hearing gossip  from others."


Ok, so both stories cast shame on a gender, but who's the biggest loser here?  It's got to be the women.  Spreading gossip is a surefire way to bring quick bad karma and spoil one's own reputation.  But a guy who falls for a girl is only likely to lose his house, boat, dog, record collection, optimism, dreams, and soul.


Hey, wait a minute...

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  • Tina Zukaitis what do you get when you play a country record backwards?? you get your house, boat, dog, record collection, optimism, dreams, and soul back!!! ...okay maaaybe not optimism, dreams and soul...that shit ain't ever comin least you'll have your dog and groovy music