On This Day In Semi-History

by Shawn Mahaney on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 12:37pm ·

Some attention is being paid in these quarters to the events of June 28, 1971.  Forty years ago today.  Unanswered in all that time is why there is no "u" in forty.  But some other stuff has happened along the way - so let's take a peek back, courtesy of Time Magazine.  See if you can pick up a running theme here.


"The Nation: Pentagon Papers: The Secret War"


It seems a large volume of government documents were leaked and dissected by mainstream media.  The leaks documented years of growing involvement in a foreign military stalemate, without public or congressional vetting.  Let me repeat, this was over forty years ago.



"The Nation: The New Public Enemy No. 1"


The president appointed a new drug czar.  President Nixon, that is.


"INDUSTRY: The Comeback King"


Facing a tough energy market, people turned back to coal, and cleaner ways to use it.



"Music: The Peddler"


The music industry was looking for relevance in a splintered youth-dominated pop-centric market.


"MIDDLE EAST: Ambush at the Gate of Tears"


A terrorist attack targeted Israel, and the flow of oil.


"A Reasonable Supply"


In the letters section, the President's health care plan was critiqued for eroding free enterprise.



So, we can only conclude, The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same.  I suppose a few things have changed.  With widespread internet communication, we can now read the same old news even faster - and learn from it even less!

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