Chinese Quality Control and the Necrophile Prince

by Shawn Mahaney on Friday, December 17, 2010 at 8:24pm ·

Some days digging up the illustrations for the blog is even more fun than usual.  This one starts off innocently enough,

until it gets published in China.


"Somewhere in China there are kids who think Snow White is a tramp."


"Erotic versions of this and other Brothers Grimm fairy tales were sold as children's literature in the city of Hangzhou after the books' publishers mistakenly translated pornographic versions of the stories from Japanese."

"China Friendship Publishing Company and China Media Time only realized their blunder when they began to receive irate phone calls from parents. ... According to the China Global Times, the X-rated version of Snow White has the title character enjoying sexual romps with all seven dwarves, as well her father"



And it gets worse - a lot worse.

"When she dies after eating a poisonous apple, a necrophiliac Prince Charming falls in love with her corpse."


Sorry, but we are _not_ going to post a pic about the necrophiliac angle.  [Believe it or not, we do have standards!]


You have to wonder - HOW IN THE GOOSE-FORSAKEN ENCHANTED FOREST COULD THIS HAPPEN??  Can someone translate a whole book full of salacious satyrs  and promiscuous princesses and not ask if that's what the assignment really was?


""We couldn't find the original German edition of Grimm's Fairy Tales, so we took Japanese editions as our references and translated those," Yuan said... "We cannot read Japanese, so we cannot make a comparison, but we trusted the translator, who is a postgraduate student,""


Seven dwarves is enough of a visual.  We can only imagine how the stories went when the animal characters show up.


'Shut up and eat me, like the book says!'


Incidentally, my company just sourced most of the parts of the most complicated and important new device my company has ever made - to companies in China.  I'm worried what's going to come back when we order parts for the 'angle cock'.

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