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Family Court Common Law Blues

I was shocked when I read the headline of this turnabout tale:
"Blues Singer's Woman Permitted To Tell Her Side"

As this litigation plays itself out in the court of public opinion, I would like to address the court on behalf of the defendant.

Your honors, my client has simply been payin the cost to be the boss.  Indeed, the comfortable abode in which he has kept the plaintiff has ample storage space - space enough that this woman could not have 'accidentally' picked up the Red Devil lye in place of my client's bourbon.  This entire sad case only reinforces why my client has said that one should "Never trust a woman, until she's dead indeed".

Still, my client got Sloppy Drunk and took in this Ghetto Woman.  He's been living up to that choice ever since.  Is it too much to ask that the plaintiff get off of his back, woman, every now and then?  It's no wonder he tours over 300 days a year, at somewhere over 80 years old.

It's known from previous testimony that the plaintiff has a 'history' with other unsavory characters.  My client has but one request in these proceeding, "Don't Make Me Pay For His Mistakes."  And, your honors, do not be swayed by salacious media reports surrounding this case - that's just some outside help we don't really need.

So it comes down to questions of character.  The court should be advised that my client loves all of his fifteen... what's that?  oh... every last one of his seventeen children.  In fact he has paid substantial child support for almost half of them!   And be assured, my client still loves this woman -- almost as much as that guitar. 

B B King


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