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Good News With a Catch

Call me jaded, but... I still remember the great loss of innocence I had watching The Price is Right as a youth.  I was just worldly enough, and with a hardcore coupon-clipping mother, to know what stuff really cost at the grocery store.   It finally dawned on me that the whole game show thing was a scheme to prop up the MSRP of the producers and retailers.  The bastards!  [But I still beat the little yodeling guy almost every time.]

So I'm curious to know who's behind the door when I read a press-release-posing-as-article like this:

"Beer, not exercise, best for battling the bulge"
"SWAPPING a daily glass of wine for a beer could help you save as many calories as you would by taking a 30-minute jog, a UK-based consumer group claims."

A UK-based "consumer group".  Riiiiight....
"The consumer group Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) launched an attack on the belief that beer causes drinkers to become overweight. The group claimed today that beer's reputation for being fattening was unfounded."..."beer can supplement a healthy lifestyle if consumed in a responsible manner."

I won't go into the twisted logic they throw behind this one.
I won't bring out the numbers that completely unravel said twist.
I will simply point out the catch to their proposition of a "responsible manner".

"Swapping their glass of wine for a beer every day would ... cut out more calories than are burned off during a typical 30-minute jog"

Yep, that's 'beer', singular, and in wine-glass size measure.

As expected, we are told that "CAMRA represents the beer industry across Europe."  Well if they really wanted to sell beer, they should drop the weight-loss facade and start pushing beer glasses like this instead.

p.s. When did we start getting bikini babes on daytime game shows??

I miss a lot having a stupid day job...


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