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Music Survey

Music Survey.

[pps - the 'Currently Listening' selection below would make a delightful birthay gift!]

What was the first album you ever purchased with your own money?
Asia, Astra. 

If you could only have 10 CDs for the remainder of your life, what would they be?
(in no particular order)
1. Beethoven's 9th Symphony, Telarc DDD [circa when DDD was novel]
2. Immortal Beloved soundtrack [Beethoven best-of, played by the best-of in the world]
3. Live Bullet, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
4. Boston, Boston
5. Operation Mindcrime, Queensryche [and I demand a freebie for OM II, just to finish the story, and cuz it's not worth its own entry]
6. Dragon Slayer, Dream Evil
7. Slamer, Slamer [Mike Slamer has played on more hit rock records than you can imagine, and his solo effort is both spectacular and well rounded]
8. Masquerade, Reb Beach [another virtuoso guitarist (Dokken, Winger) with a well-written solo album]
9. The Fusion Demos, Reb Beach [an epiphany, and fantastic in its own right]
10. can I count the Led Zeppelin box set as one pick??
11. Pictured Life, Scorpions [this is a best-of from their pre-arena-rock-scene record label, and it rocks, so sue me for cheating again]
12. Marching Out, Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force [it's an 'even' dozen.  shut up]

Name a song you can flawlessly sing all of the lyrics to by memory.
Just about none... I don't file things verbally.  I could maybe do "Turn the Page" from Bob Seger.

What is the one album you bought with your own money--and which you still own--of which you are most ashamed?
I do not know shame.  But I might wonder how I got so many acoustic new-agey CDs, after the ex-wife brought back a few cut-outs from working at Borders HQ

Name any rare recordings you own.
got a few good bootleg downloads, like Boston's extended More Than a Feeling from ages ago.

What was the first live concert you ever attended? Can you remember the opening act?
Barry Manilow, in the round supporting Paradise Cafe (the jazz album), no opener that I recall

If you could have a gross of one CD to give away to friends, relatives, co-workers, and/or strangers, what would it be?
I wouldn't.  It would be wasted on most of them. [but maybe that Slamer album]

If you could make all copies of any one album disappear from the face of the earth, what album would that be?
I can't be bothered to care about things not worth my consideration

Approximately how many cd's do you own?
300 ish

Approximately how many LPs do you own?
Zero.  Had a dozen or so, and gave them away after first year of college, along with the turntable

Approximately how many 45 rpm records do you own?
The only 45s I remember ever having went along with some GI Joe comics and ViewMaster cards.

Approximately how many 8-track tapes do you own?

Do you have a working turntable?

Do you have a working stereo cassette deck?
A couple

Do you have a working 8-track deck?
Last 8 track I touched was a console that I ripped the amplifier section out of.

Do you own any quadraphonic LPs or 8-track tapes?

Name any artists of whom you own their entire catalogs.
close on a couple, but I think Yngwie Malmsteen is the only one complete (which is the only reason I keep buying the new ones... he's been phoning it in for years now)
[[oh, got to add another one to the top-ten list!]]

What is your all-time favorite album cover?
Boston, Third Stage

Do you own any opera recordings?
Only small portions of symphonies

Explain, in 25 words or fewer, why recorded music is important to you.
Ever read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  It was brilliant.  Until I realized he'd deliberately gone on this trip for months without any music in his life.  Idiot.

Do you keep your cd's in their cases or in a book?
They get ripped once, put back in the case, and never come off the shelf again.

Do you think cd's are overpriced?

Do you have any artist or musician posters?

Do you wear band shirts?
locals mostly

Where do you usually buy your music?
merch tables!  (ok, usually Amazon)


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