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What a Long Date Trip It's Been

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This made me reflect a little.

"Yahoo! will officially close Yahoo! Personals on July 21, 2010."

The first thing I ponder is, was Yahoo! Personals the greatest bane or a sharp bright spot of the last ten years?  I really can't say!  It's certainly been 'interesting'.

To recap:
 - meet soul mate
 - wonder where she suddenly disappeared to
 - get stood up three times in a row
 - give up
 - peek at a few ads some months later
 - dive straight back in again!

Ya, that's pretty much the routine.  But besides the hollow spirit, jaded soul, and tough skin - what has it cost?

Roughly, off the top of my head:
Car washes and coin-op vacuums: $394
New rear window, for the time I locked the key in it at the car wash, running, with the dogs in it: $421 [Covered by insurance, but embarrassing]
Nair for Men: $394 [For the optimistic days].
Chemical burn cream: $139 [For when one leaves the hair remover on too long].
67 first dates: $7324, since my standard line is 'I'll pick this one up and you can get it next time'.  [Return on investment - one chicken dinner]

Additional minutes and texts - $35/mo for unlimited upgrade, plus $97 for three headsets that broke when I fell asleep on top of them.

One plus is free psychotherapy - ex-girlfriends have no problem telling someone what they're doing wrong.

The good news, and the bad news, as that mainstream free-to-browse personals sites are not going away.
"Beginning May 24, 2010, Yahoo! Personals subscribers will have the option to transfer their Personals profile information to our new partner, with no service interruption. "

Here we go again....


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