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Police: Man Clubbed In Head With Live Python

There's absolutely nothing I can add here.  I just have to share.

"Police: Man Clubbed In Head With Live Python"
"Snake’s Owner Charged With Assault"

"Rock Hill police said a man was assaulted with a 4-foot python during a dispute with another man at a motel."

I will point out one wrinkle here - "AT A MOTEL".

'Weyll, thuh policy here says fer sure no dogs, cats, nor alpacas... but I don't see nuthin bout no snakes.  Allrighty, here's yer key!'

The rest of the story is predictable,
"Culp said he had argued with Smith on Tuesday evening over the volume of music he was playing. Culp said a while later, he and his wife stepped outside to smoke, and Smith approached them."

"Culp said Smith then hit [him] in the head with the python."

Big props to the reporter who followed through on this story!
"The snake was released into the custody of family members before Smith was booked."

I guess we need to add "Don't wield me as a melee weapon!'


Shawn Mahaney
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