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Ladies: Form a Orderly Queue

The pollsters at recently came out with some research reports which are contrived to drive traffic to their site, er, I mean...  which will help us understand the complexities of interpersonal relationships.  The result of this particular survey explains why I've been so completely swamped with propositions from comely ladies*.

"Most women claim to be attracted to tall, dark and handsome men, but a new study has revealed that facial stubble and a geeky personality are their biggest secret turn-ons."

Let's break it down and see how your humble author measures up.

"Despite complaining that it looks unkempt and feels rough to touch, the unshaven look on a man is actually a turn-on for 41 per cent of women."


"A slightly geeky personality came second, proving that women really do like a guy who knows their stuff when it comes to technology."


"A hairy chest was voted third, followed by a man who loves to read or cries at a soppy film."

Check, and um... Check! [The car getting wrecked in Ferris Bueller makes me sad every time.]

"Other secret turn-ons to feature in the top ten include grey hair, glasses and being a passionate supporter of a sports team."

Check, LASIK, and Go Blue!

"Women also prefer a guy who doesn't spend too much time on his appearance, with 63 per cent saying they would like a man who got ready quickly rather than fussing over what he looked like."

More than once I've been asked 'How can you not have a mirror in your bedroom??'.  Check!

But this leaves open the question, 'Why would I care what women like in the first place?'.

"Almost one in five would never admit what they really find attractive in a man to other people."

Yep.  That's just the kind of open genuine honest soul I want to spend my life with.  Sheeesh...

* - This swamped-in-comely-ladies-ness may or may not be a fantastical complete-and-total fabrication.


Shawn Mahaney
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