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How Could This Not Be Funny?

How could this not be funny?

Every year some number of hormone-addled schmucks decides to deliver an arbitrarily timed marriage proposal on Valentine's day.  That the right moment, or even the right woman, may be months removed from any particular February 14th does not often stop them from taking on the shackles.... er, popping the question.  And it can happen in a very very public way.

So when a couple appeared on the big screen above a New York Rangers hockey game, the audience cooed.  But then they gasped as the guy got shot down and the woman stormed off!  Thing is, it was a hoax.

"A-Ranged: Blueshirts set up phony marriage proposal" [with link to video!]
"The “Blueshirt Bride” marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day from “Nick” to Melissa” that ended with “Melissa” storming off and gaining national attention through YouTube, The Huffington Post and Inside Edition, was not only fake but a source confirmed Monday the couple was actually actors hired through an agency and designed to be part of the in-game entertainment."

Entertainment??  Note that they did not have the couple reappear in the second and third periods, having a heated discussion, and then finally falling into a huge embrace and walking off into the tunnel-set.  That would be the classic format for a 'comedy'.  No, they left it at 'train wreck'.

Our reporters have been checking up on the other stadiums around the country and found some other unusual video board features.

"This injury time-out brought to you by Engfeld and Associates, for all your Workman's Comp legal needs.  Say, check out the action in section fourteen where a woman is beating her out-of-control pre-schooler!"

"We'd like to welcome the tenth grade class from Himmler High to our new Nazi Youth Day!"

"Seat 47B, come on down - you're today's winner!  The seventh-inning-stretch for today's game is brought to us by - The Inquisition!"

[The "Now reading/listening/watching thing seems broken, but today's link had to be Mel Brooks' History of the World.]


Shawn Mahaney
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