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I Like Hot Cartoon Babes as Much as the Next Geek, But...

I like hot cartoon babes as much as the next geek, but...

Hot chicks are hot.  Outline them in ink and some get even hotter.  They could never cast a real person to fill the collared blouses of Modesty Blaise!

For years they've been trying to do a Wonder Woman movie.  But there's only one Lynda Carter.

[see also here but maybe not at your office]

And I'm sorry Ms. Debbie Harry, but you're no Blondie Bumstead.

I suppose they did ok with Jennifer Garner as Elektra, and the attempt at Witchblade didn't disappoint (while it lasted).

Some ink jars just can't be filled by mortal bosoms.  So I was skeptical (and morbidly curious!) when I read,
"Great-Grandmother: Annette Edwards Spends $16K To Look Like Cartoon Character Jessica Rabbit "
"Edwards claims she got her curves with "The Jessica Diet." "I did go on a three-month diet eating a little like the rabbits: salads, get the figure right."  Edwards also relied on surgical methods to achieve her look, spending about $16,000 on cheek implants, chin implants, and a breast lift.  Edwards' fascination with rabbits doesn't end there: she also breeds real ones, and appeared on England's "This Morning" with Alice, the 2010 Guinness World Record holder for the longest rabbit in the world"

Video follows the story.  And.... wow.


Shawn Mahaney
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