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Oxymorons and Superheroes

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Oxymorons and Superheroes

I heard the oddest phrase last weekend.  There was a television ad for a new 'reality' show, featuring the "All Stars" from that series' previous seasons.  Reality show 'all stars'???  Oxymoron of the century goes to Survivor: Heroes and Villains.

If you want a real bunch of good guys and bad girls, I say bring in the best!

Survivor: Marvel

There may be some issues interpreting the rules.

"Sorry, Captain America, you cannot bring your shield as your luxury item."

And an M60 with two thousand rounds of ammo exceeds the weight limit, Mr. Castle.

Some of the in-game interviews will be a little stiff.
"Hulk sad.  Hulk lose immyunitee..."

It may be hard to follow the game when some of the players keep morphing into other shapes.

But there's bound to be a _lot_ more action than any lame backstabathon!

And there's a gimmee sequel, a real Superbowl-grade showdown with the stars of the other network's copycat show.


Shawn Mahaney
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