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It's About Time for This New Gift Registry

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It's About Time for This New Gift Registry

I like symmetry, and complete cycles.  It just seems right with the universe that things come back around and begin anew - even if there are lawyers involved.

Divorce.  It's not just an ending, it's a way find a new, less affluent, self.  It's an opportunity to come out of a cocoon, and start paying for two slightly smaller cocoons.  It's a time to take stock of things, like, the half of your things you don't have any more!

"UK store launches divorce gift registry" [with video report]
"A new service launched by a UK department store promises to make life a little easier for couples who divorce, by offering them a gift registry option in stores."

""There's lots of things they don't have because not everyone has two toasters so it's something they're going to need...Unlike a wedding list which tends to be full of luxury items, I think this is going to be more basic.  People will get towels, bed linens, irons, toasters and kettles.""

Now, to really bring this full circle, we need to tie in the original wedding registry!  We've commented on this before, with help from Roy Wood Jr.:
"Send out divorce invitations!  The same way you sent out those cornball... with the good calligraphy...
'Fred and Mildred are getting divorced, so... come on down to the courthouse and get your stuff!"  Your toaster will be right there.... And why aren't there divorce pictures next to the engagement pictures in the paper??


Shawn Mahaney
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