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Learning Just How Clueless Women Are

Learning Just How Clueless Women Are

It turns out that roughly ninety percent of women, in the UK at least, are BLITHERING IDIOTS.

"Only one in 10 women would order a lager or beer when out on a date. Most of them would go for other options because they think drinking beer makes them appear masculine and ­unattractive"

Seriously, ladies?  Not liking beer is ok (it means you're a little bit broken, but we can work with that).  Preferring a good mixed drink is perfectly fine.  Preferring straight whisky [or tequila ;) ] will probably elicit a proposal on the spot, but even I don't dream that high.  So really, it's ok if you don't order beer - but make up your own damn mind! 

Don't order what you think we want you to order.  Nothing screams 'high maintenance' more than indecision.  Because that leads to 'I changed my mind.  How about a weekend at the cabin instead?', usually said after plane tickets are bought and beach towels are packed.

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Which is why,
"Many men would much rather see women sinking a pint of beer than sipping a cocktail, it seems.  On a first date especially they would be impressed by a woman who opted for a beer or lager instead of a glass of wine or other more “girlie” drinks.

It makes the women appear more sexy, confident, fun and independent, according to the men questioned for a survey."

We won't only pick on the girls here today.  In the story comments is a poster who just might maybe possibly be a smidge slightly infinitessimally more jaded than *me*.

"Lets face it some men would make a pass even if the lady was drinking out of a puddle, you do see them face down in there own vomit these days on there drink fueled nights,Thank goodness there are some nice girls that drink out of a glass like a lady."


Shawn Mahaney
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