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Romance Is Not Dead! (Just a Little Stinky)

Romance Is Not Dead (Just a Little Stinky)

I do get annoyed when the editor steals my first bad pun.

"Ask this Iowa wife if she got the perfect birthday present and she'll tell you her hubby "dung good.""

"This year for her birthday, Dick used more than 120,000 pounds of manure to spell out a special message. It basically says 'Happy Birthday, Love You,'"

All you lazy turds with your greeting cards, chore-gift-certificates, and bouquets of eleven roses, need to get off the pot.  Making a genuine dramatic gesture like this isn't that hard!  In fact, he says it's kinda soft:
"It only took three hours to spell it all out in a stinky, but mushy way.  "It's not hard," said Kleis. "Any manure will work but the good, soft, gushy, warm stuff works the best. It kind of melts the snow.""

So don't flush your dreams!  (Save them up in a bucket until you can spell something mushy!!)


Shawn Mahaney
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