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Last Updated: 11/21/2009

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009 

Current mood:snacky
Category: Life
Smuggler's Blues, and Cheesy-Poofs

Good satire doesn't just poke fun at what's already going on, it predicts what's next - and pokes fun at that too!  More on that after we cover a bit from this week's news.

If you've never tried to buy contraband from some shady character, it may have been because you expected the character to look like this, on top of packing heat and having different values on things like... legalities such as shooting you for your money instead of making the delivery.

Well, look around you.  Smugglers are everywhere.  You don't know what they look like, or what they may or may not do, or even where they ply their trade.  Get ready for a surprise, some may even peddle their wares IN SCHOOLYARDS!  How can they do this?  They go deep undercover  - like this!

Shocking, I know.  And the sad thing is sometimes they learn it from a parent!  Here's the proof:

"School suspends 'crisp dealer'"
"A 12-year-old 'crisp dealer' has been suspended from a Liverpool school where fatty drinks and snacks are banned."

Ok, so he was 'only' selling candy and snacks.  But these are OUTLAWED!  Remember, when potato chips are banned, only criminals will have greasy hands.  Or something like that...  Anyway, the kid was just following after his dad.

"Mr Bradley, from Norris Green, admitted he too had once been caught selling canned drinks, chocolate bars and crisps from a van outside the school. He said: "I think the school has made a beeline for him because of what I've done.""

Now, if this sounds familiar, it's because the geniuses behind South Park covered this years ago!.  Se04Ep15 - Fat Camp.  (Season Four, Episode Fifteen, if you're not a torrent searching netizen)

Cartman gets sent to fat camp!  He's not happy at first, but... this could be an opportunity...  He services all his regulars, and works over a difficult mark in this bit:

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