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Last Updated: 11/21/2009

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State: South Carolina
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Monday, December 07, 2009 

Current mood:  eccentric
Category: Life
The Blessings of Being Disconnected

Honestly, I don't think of myself as disconnected from pulp culture.  I get around online.  I flip through channels on the TV occasionally.  I usually have at least seen the headlines of whatever ridiculous tabloid news story is cluttering up modern media.  I even heard Bruce Jenner's voice for the first time in 25 years today!

So, when Billboard magazine comes out declaring the "Biggest One-Hit-Wonder of the Decade" I might expect to have crossed paths with the title track.  Well... how about never heard it, and never even heard _of_ it!

The editors at Yahoo! music have helpfully provided a link to the music video [which is an oxymoron I've almost stopped whining about after 25 years of MTV... ALMOST].  Warning: if you haven't heard this before, hide all razor blades and service revolvers first.  And get some caffiene in you just to be sure - we wouldn't the depression this induces to make your heart stop altogether.

The article goes on to give the rest of the top five,
"Coming in at number 2 on Billboard's one-hit wonder list is the Terror Squad for "Lean Back"; number 3 is Crazy Town with "Butterfly"; number 4 is MIMS with "This Is Why I'm Hot"; and number 5 is D4L's "Laffy Taffy."

There are also links to those other videos.  I'll save you the trouble of cliking through and point out that they all sound like indistinguishable rap tracks without even a novel hook or groove.  If you want to watch heavy-set guys in goofy jackets swing their arms back and forth while big-bootied dancing girls jiggle on top of car hoods, feel free to watch with the sound off.

Here's the thing I don't get... in today's world, where it is so easy and cheap to listen to only what you want, and anything you want, any time, any place - why is it that people allow themselves to be exposed to this crap??  Earlier to day I was skimming through some guy's gigundous collection of what he calls "hair metal".  [He's wrong, it's mostly east coast punk with a little midwestern crunch and just a pinch of L.A. glam, but I won't argue about it today!] 

Quickly I was spending an hour searching for a track from
I'd like to play you the song Losing Game, and have you tell me that it doesn't have the most perfect chorus in pop/rock music, but, um... well it doesn't seem to be online anywhere.  Yep, that's the downside of following zero-hit-wonders!  But it's so much more personal and rewarding than allowing double-regurgitated hyper-crap to be crammed down your throat!!  [UPDATE: follow the Amazon link below, play the sample for Losing Game, and you'll hear what I mean]

A great example of how wonderful it is to live in this new world, where everything is not just connected but YOU are in control, is I can follow the career of a stellar young talent from, say, Sweden!

Tåve Wanning - Love it Loud

Ms Wanning at last report was in the Swedish Music Conservatory and fronting what has to be the most awesome college band this side of the river Styx.

Love Loud!

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