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Tuesday, November 24, 2009 

Current mood:  hungry
Category: Life
Super Symmetry in the News

Sometimes the universe hands us such a divine irony that we have to think there's some deeper forces at play.  When curiously symmetric events line up at the same time, but far apart, the synchronicity begs for some undiscovered mechanism to explain it.  Look at these two stories and tell me they're not connected!

NYC Tavern Offering 100 Proof Vodka Turkey
Salinas Police Giveaway Turkeys at DUI Checkpoint

I’ll give you a second to digest that.  It’s got to go down with at least as much difficulty as Aunt Gerdie’s candied cauliflower casserole.


First, the vodka-infused turkey.

A Manhattan bar and tavern is offering patrons a turkey infused with 100 proof vodka for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It will be the country’s first 100 proof turkey.
The idea was a twist for the Thanksgiving holiday thought by Paul Hurley, owner of the Irish bar O’Casey’s Tavern on 22 East 41st Street between Fifth and Madison Avenue.
Hurley unveils Monday the preparation of the turkey with a press conference. The infusion of fruit flavored Georgi vodka will take three days before the turkey hits final cooking. The gravy will also be made of light vodka.

The good lads at added this key quote,
Hurley says his mom in Ireland came up with the idea. The bar owner said: “On Christmas my mom said ‘why not try some vodka in the turkey.’”

People, this is supposedly my heritage!

The folks behind our other story will appreciate that “The bar is offering a free taxi ride in the city for those who will order the turkey.

In the evening hours of Tuesday November 24th the Salinas Police Department, will be conducting it's 7th Annual Turkey & DUI Checkpoint at an undisclosed location in the city of Salinas.
Drivers who successfully pass through the DUI checkpoint may be given a turkey that has been donated.

It wasn't clear how the lucky winners will be chosen, but the turkeys themselves come from donations from local businesses, members of the department and any private citizen who wants to hand over a bird.
It's become so popular, Salinas police are now asking drivers not to go through the checkpoint more than once just to try to win a turkey.

Astute (i.e. cynical) readers may ask, how many of those turkeys are going to wind up at bars (sitting in car trunks), since those drivers know where the checkpoint is?

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