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Last Updated: 11/21/2009

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 38
Sign: Cancer

State: South Carolina
Country: US
Signup Date: 5/22/2005

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Monday, September 21, 2009 

Current mood:secretive
Category: Life
The way so many people put their lives online has made it all too easy for savvy cretins to case them with malicious intent.  Going out of town?  Tell all your Facebook friends how excited you are about your canned yuppie adventure to some Land's End catalog photo shoot, and pray that all your stuff is still there when you get back!

Well, it turns out that the routine of the online life can work the other way too.

"MARTINSBURG, W.V. - If you break in, you'd better log out."
"Detectives believe Jonathan G. Parker broke into a woman's house last month through a bedroom window and stole two rings worth a total of $3,500.

When the victim came home, she noticed her home had been ransacked -- also that her computer was on and logged into an unfamiliar Facebook account.

And so modern criminal bungling meets old fashioned obscure lawmaking.
"Parker, 19, is accused of felony daytime burglary, according to the Martinsburg Journal-News."
Um, 'daytime burglary'?  Why does that get its own category??  And can a perp plea-bargain to get the sunshine dropped?

Remember what I say about online friends and trust: It's not the people you know that you have to worry about - it's the people they know!
"During the investigation, police learned the victim and the suspect had a mutual friend, who admitted that Parker asked him to help him commit the crime."
You can usually trust that your acquaintances won't actively screw you over, but you can't trust their judgement to not blab stuff to someone else.

"Parker, who lives in Fort Louden, Pa., remains jailed in lieu of $10,000 bail. He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted."
Imagine that - a teenage facebook junkie who can't come up with a bond for $10k in bail.  Whudathunkit?