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Last Updated: 11/21/2009

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 38
Sign: Cancer

State: South Carolina
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Tuesday, July 07, 2009 

Current mood:cringing
Category: Life
We're doing a clip-job today, snippets trimmed from the cutting edge news feeds.  And we didn't even check the Toledo Blade!


Bad Day at Work, Snippity-Snip Edition:

Unlike my new gypsy pal Tina, this doctor did *not* stay at the Holiday Inn Express last night,

"Doctors Accused of Performing Vasectomy on Wrong Patient"

"Doctors at a clinic in Sweden are under investigation after reportedly performing a vasectomy on the wrong patient.

...the man claims the staff at the urology and gynecology clinic did not double check his identity prior to the procedure and ultimately confused it with a vasectomy scheduled for the next day.

The man said he was only scheduled to have a biopsy on his prostate.

The health agency is now trying to determine if the clinic should face any sanctions, according to the newspaper


I'm reminded of the old cable network show, "USA UP, all night".  And the tall redheaded mail girl they had...  mmm....

"Malaysian authorities have confiscated 900 boxes of coffee laced with Viagra. "
"Health Ministry officials raided a company in Kuala Lumpur that marketed the coffee as an energy booster, the New Straits Times said. The report did not say whether the package labelled Viagra as an ingredient.

The report said the 900 confiscated boxes containing some 9000 coffee packets were worth more than 72,000 ringgit ($31,000).

Some of the Viagra-laced coffee had been distributed nationwide, it said
. "

I can't imagine ever having trouble finding morning wood, but I'm sure this coffee is proving a big hit with some Maylay house wives.


Now before you go judging this next product, think of the time that you have physically restrained a child.  A playpen is just a soft-sided jail!
But - we usually let the kids out before they're of school age...

"Parents struggling to get their kids to revise in the run-up to exams can now keep them at their desk using a ball and chain that only unlocks when they have studied for long enough"
"A red digital display counts down the "Study Time Left" and the device beeps and unlocks when the time expires.

The prison-style device weighs 9.5 kg (21 pounds), making it difficult to move while wearing it.

It cannot be locked for more than four hours and comes with a safety key that allows the manacle to be opened at anytime."

Don't believe it?  You can place your order here:

Expect a resurgence in home ec classes, as kids will want to learn how to bake a hacksaw blade into a cake.

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