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Gender: Male
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Age: 38
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State: South Carolina
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Friday, June 26, 2009 

Current mood:glad
Category: Life
A word on heroes, real-world and TV-world.

This weekend I am going to see a dozen different muscians perform.  These talented hard working people are the ones I respect - my own heroes.  To the best of my knowledge, none of them have ever beat up a lover, damaged a child, gone _back_ to rehab, skipped a child-support agreement, shot a butler, fought animals, burned down a house, or peed on a stewardess.  I will celebrate life with these people, and a few other special friends, and renew my faith in humanity just a little bit.  Yay us!

Earlier this week I got to run with some of the elite athletes in the region.  On a typical Wednesday night workout they will lap me in a three lap race, and it's not for my lack of trying!  The same guys keep up jobs and happy families and we can still sit down occasioanlly to share stories over a few beers.  Yay them!

Tonight I will get to spend time with five fabulous animals.  They are all great natural specimens, and also great companions.  They do not know shame or anger, their motives are clear and pure, blame and disgrace can never be laid upon them.  For a pittace of food and simple shelter they bring life to a home and delight to a heart.  Yay doggies!

Of course there are big time celebs worth mentioning.  This week one of my early sports heroes and another I adopted as an adult were recognized into the NHL hall of fame.  Steve Yzerman played and led with quiet intensity for many years, while Brett Hull brought class and style, and crafty technique, to every rink he played.  It's guys like these I pay attention to, as they run up stats on page three, not the bad mouth bad boys on the front page.  Bless you boys!  [quick nod to the '84 tigers there]

Eventually we must say goodbye to these good people, even as we make them immortal in our memories.  A few days ago Ed McMahon passed on.  This guy went on from two combat tours in the USMC to deliver a fifty year entertainment career, bringing class and showmanship to every venture.  Other media icons that I particularly remember passing include Mel Blanc, Jack Lemmon, Yul Brenner... gosh I could go on, but let's just say, Yay for untainted memories!

Your time is precious, your affections at their best when clear and unconfused.  There are many many people deserving of your praise and admiration, quite a few of them in pop culture, but certainly not all.  Look around you - I bet there are heroes you meet every single day.  Keep your eye on them - you never know what they might accomplish next!

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Good blog.

Posted by Hilary on Friday, June 26, 2009 - 3:30 PM
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