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Last Updated: 11/21/2009

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 38
Sign: Cancer

State: South Carolina
Country: US
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Thursday, June 11, 2009 

Current mood:  pugnacious
Category: Life

It's a rite of passage in modern American culture for both dads and boys.  The father
will coach the younger males in the skills needed to steal bases.

Er, no, not quite like that [*].  I'm talking about baseball!  This quasi-athletic pasttime has been passed along for generations.  Exasperated dads are roped into coaching basic skills to boys who are usually more interested in finding four leaf clovers in the outfield or wiping boogers on the pitcher's back.

It's a tough gig.  The kids ain't exactly got skillz.  Oh sure, there's always one slickster Casey that can pick his field at the plate and drill the ball right through the first basekid when gunning for a double play.  But usually it's an exercise in herding cats - in an aviary.  So, when a coach comes up with a unique exercise in teamwork,

you'd expect people to laud the effort!

But maybe not in this case...

"Little League coach accused of coaching boys to steal"
"A Little League coach is accused of coaching his own son and his teammate to burgle an abandoned shop.
George Walter Spady, Jr. faces a second-degree burglary charge for the March 21 burglary

What's the hand sign for 'slide into home, via the ventilation duct'?

"The boy said the coach's son crawled in through a vent in the back of the shop and unlocked the front door, as was instructed by his father."

What pep talk is complete without an admintion 'show some hustle out there, boys!'?

"The coach yelled at the boy to grab some other things from the shop, the boy said, but he refused. The boy added his coach told him to hurry because he had seen a truck drive by the area twice"

This drill is such a complete exercise, it even includes a lesson in arguing with the ump over details in the rules...

"When questioned by detectives, Spady said he had gone onto the property to go "four-wheeling" with the kids, according to the document· He said they later stopped by the shop and drove around for a bit.
Spady said he had not seen any of the "no trespassing" signs posted around the property

I suspect the county jail softball team is going to be pretty sharp this year.
As for the boys, it sounds like they'll get off easy.  And soon enough they'll grow up and discover other distractions.

[* - I still wonder, what questionable tee will moms put on their pre-teen girls when testicular cancer gets its turn as disease-of-the-week...?]

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