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Last Updated: 11/21/2009

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Gender: Male
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State: South Carolina
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 

Current mood:floating
Category: Life
I remember parking a car in Manhattan for a few days one time.  It cost as much per night as the hotel I'd had in North Carolina the week before.  And pick-up was by appointment only - they packed the cars in tight and had to pre-plan the shuffle to get vehicles out when desired.  It's like Tetris with Tahoes.

A few fancy places have elevators and even robotic handlers that place vehicles in slots for direct retrieval.  But these are expensive.  So, when at a less-expensive garage, be careful when asking for the "express" retrieval option.

"A lucky parking attendant survived a harrowing three-story plunge out an East Village car garage window Monday, but his customer's new luxury ride was totaled."
"The valet, whose name was not immediately released, walked away from the bizarre 3:30 p.m. accident at the Hertz garage on E. 13th St. at Fifth Ave., witnesses said.
Yedid said the attendant accidently put the car in reverse, crashed through a 15-foot-by-12-foot plate-glass window at the rear of the six-story garage and went for an unexpected 25-foot drop.

The silver, $70,000 SUV, which Yedid began leasing last month, landed atop a second-story courtyard of an adjacent New York University administration building, which had to be evacuated
. "

Ouch.  The truck itself doesn't look too bad, but then it is overbuilt, overweight, overpriced, and overly difficult to use (obviously!).

News video here:
"The car features buttons on the wheel that change the gears. The car's owner thinks the attendant may have made a mistake, and backed out of the window."

Also, we might expect the garage's insurer is on scene now asking where there's nothing more than full-length windows for a barrier on the sixth floor!

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