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Last Updated: 11/21/2009

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 38
Sign: Cancer

State: South Carolina
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Monday, April 20, 2009 

Current mood:  groggy
Category: Life

I don't want to say this is pathetic, and thankfully other writers have saved me the trouble!

This is the straight story, directly off of the offical PR release. (Journalism?  We've heard of it.)

Detroit Lions unveil new team logo
"Detroit has added teeth to its new Lions logo. Only time will tell if the product on the field also has teeth.

The franchise revealed subtle changes to the logo and how the word "Lions" is spelled out during a news conference Monday attended by dozens of fans.

Detroit stumbled to the NFL's first 0-16 season last year and has the first pick Saturday in the NFL draft.

The leaping lion appears more fierce, while the team name features an italicized slant. The team says the changes are consistent with its "sense of mission and direction.""Ok, so modern news reporting standards have slipped  But on the flip side, there's also more free flow of unedited commentary.  So let's hear what sports colmnists, bloggers, and comment-posters _really_ think. (pro writer Drew Sharp)

"They wanted a fiercer looking brand, giving the silhouette eyes and a roaring mouth.
He looks like he's suffering from roid rage.
The Lions failed once again. If you're going to change the logo,
then change it. Don't simply alter it in an attempt to spur stagnant
merchandising sales.
They should have Bubbles offer a urine sample." (poster RetroSteel is not me - but I wish it was!)

"They MIGHT have a chance of sniffing the post-season if they can
somehow make the entire team invisible...oh wait! They're already
invisible, explaining last"record breaking"

Tell ya what, change the logo to a mangy alley cat chasing it's own tail and I'd gladly vote in favor of it!" (sprawl125 thinks the players still don't look very enthusiastic)

"Man, those guys look like they DO NOT WANT TO BE THERE.

Geez, you could put me in a speedo with all my hair shaved
.............give me a contract for a few million and I would do the
hokey pokey in front of cameras."

Good luck boys.  You still need it!

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