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Sunday, April 12, 2009 

Current mood:  validated
Category: Life

Private Nut: Behind the Scenes

[those just joining the broadcast will want to DVR this program and go back to view the other bits first]

Thank you, viewers, for tuning in to Celebrities Unshelled, here on S.E.T.!  

These new detective stories are a smash hit that’s sweeping the forest!  Now there’s a movie, and we’re here to catch up with its star.  Taking a break in the grueling shooting schedule, getting a well deserved rubdown, it’s Sugarbush Squirrel! 
Thanks for taking the time, Sugarbush. 

No problem.  It’s all about the fans.

What did you think about the project when you were offered this part?

I was surprised they wanted to revive the whole squirrel-noir genre.  Especially based on a small blog that gets about 25 reads a day.  Anyway, I liked the idea so I said I’d work for peanuts.

Don’t you always work for peanuts?

They don’t know that.

Right.  Ok, why don’t you tell us something about your character, the lead squirrel.

Oh, well, he’s a special case.  He’s not a nice guy, not at all.  He’s lewd.  He treats his friends and employees badly.  He’s cheap, and maybe a cheat.  But he’s aware of his faults, and makes no excuses for them.  Maybe that’s why people give him so much slack.  Or maybe they’re just accustomed to their own low expectations.

As a reader you’re almost compelled to be sympathetic to this little scoundrel, because he’s the straight man.  Every day he comes up against some outlandish character who tests his already limited faith in humanity.  It’s not like any other role I’ve had.

And you’ve certainly had a few.  Nobody will soon forget the romantic “Crack Anynut” or that creepy “Curse of the Spider Rodent”.

Thanks.  Thank you.  You wouldn't believe the time in makeup for that spider job!

We hear you worked closely with the author on this screenplay.

Yes, yes, very closely.  I was surprised by him actually.

How so?

For starters, he’s nothing like my character.  It’s easy to read the stories like a journal, or a yearned-for fantasy.   But he went counter-character with this one, just to see what’s there.  I think he was wondering what the world looks like through less honest eyes. 


And loyal.  You wouldn’t believe the people I saw him stick with, stubbornly, just in the time we were working.

There’s a rumor that the supporting characters in the stories are real people.  Can you answer that?

Seriously??  Come on, do you think there could be real people with those kinds of quirks?

You’re not going to answer that on the record, are you?

Not a chance.

Got it.  Well, that’s all the time we have.  Thanks again to Sugarbush Squirrel.  Please tune in next week, when we look at that new military comedy, Gomer Pecan!

Stepping one more layer behind the scenes….

Reality is indeed stranger than fiction.  Sugarbush Squirrel is real!  And she, yes she, is owned by a former country singer and USO regular with even more time on her hands than _me_. . You gotta love the Myspace playlist.  (Brickhouse??)

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OMG! You slay me!
Posted by Natalie on Sunday, April 12, 2009 - 9:21 PM
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