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Last Updated: 3/18/2009

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 37
Sign: Cancer

State: South Carolina
Country: US
Signup Date: 5/22/2005

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009 

Current mood:  betrayed
Category: Life

For half a minute today I was happy and excited.  It was because I read this headline,

"It's 'True': Spandau Ballet to reform"

Yay!  I always thought they marked a bright spot in pop music.  In those days I had the 'Detroit's Nicest Rock' station (WNIC 100.3 FM) on most of the time.  I heard their hits quite a few times, and liked it.  All I knew of the band was the recorded music, and all was good.

But now I've seen a pic of the guys for the first time.

Ok, fine.  Just some guys.  But then I keep reading...

" Twenty years since their acrimonious split, Spandau Ballet -- the pin-up boys who helped shaped the sound of 1980s glam pop..."

What's this?  Drama and 'scene'??

"Along with fellow British band Duran Duran, their sound, style and
attitude came to define an era dominated by ostentatious glamour, gold
lame suits and big hair

Oh no... this is taking an evil turn...

""It is impossible to stress too highly how achingly fashionable Spandau
Ballet were in the winter of 1979 and the summer of 1980," GQ magazine
editor Dylan Jones writes in a biography of the band

Crap.  That's ruined for me now.

Is there anybody left who likes music, more than stuff _about_ music?

Tell me something about that Rock-n-Roll stuff, Bobby...
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Currently listening:
Live Bullet
By Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band
Release date: 1999-12-07

Agreed. When bands run out of inspiration they just glam up and pass out as much crap as possible. To stay in everyone's eye sight they beat girlfriends, do coke and other acceptable acts that land them on the cover of shitty magazines. Now that couldn't be what they wanted...could it? Damn we forgot what they were doing in the first place. You know what? Just delete this comment.
Posted by Cynthia on Wednesday, March 25, 2009 - 9:11 PM
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Shawn Mahaney

I would delete it - but it's far too perfect.

Posted by HVY MTL on Wednesday, March 25, 2009 - 11:42 PM
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