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Wednesday, March 11, 2009 

Current mood:faithful
Category: Life

"And they discuss international politics, and the menace of the moment, and their neighbor's wife with equal freedom and gusto."

It's no secret that I'm "into" Marine Corps stuff.  I read Guadalcanal Diary as a precocious ten year old. Now it's thick scholarly volumes on Corps history. I've found enough seemingly impossible heroic stories, personal inspiration, and lessons in how to learn and train, to last a lifetime.  When it comes to learning modern history, or setting personal goals - you could do worse.  Ooh-rah.

Now, this affection of mine will sometimes peek out discreetly from my attire.  Or sometimes not so discretely, but still, it's just a tee-shirt.    A couple items might come out at Christmas (toy soldiers look spiffy in those dress blues!).  And I get a catalog from a shop that carries nothing but Marine Corps merchandise, for actives, vets, families, and the occasional enthusiast like me.  

Looking through this catalog, I see oddities that not even the most
rabid college sports fan would have their team logo on - and I'm
including Buckeyes and Gamecocks here!

Sgt Grit's GRUNT.COM - "If We Don't Have It, Chesty Wouldn't Want It!"
[Please do read to the end for a brief bit on Chesty Puller!]

Got a party coming up?  Semper F-ice!

Marine Corps Ice Cube Trays

I betcha didn't know that there's a Leatherneck Tartan.  It's regulation for this "sport kilt".

[p.s. there's a digital MARPAT (that's newfangled camo, civvie!) print also]

Does your Buick lack that certain... kick-butt-i-ness?  Bolt on this solid brass hood ornament!

Mardi Gras just ended, so stock up now for next year.  Get those ladies to stand at "attention" with these USMC flag beads!

Show your snack foods who the DI is in your kitchen.  Lock those chips snug in their bunk with this Marine Power Clip.

Under attack from diabetic zombies?  We got your perimeter covered, with chocolate ammo!

And, my all-time favorite item, presented completely without comment...
"LEATHERNECK WIPES - Can handle your toughest job"

As promised:
Lt. Gen. Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller was a short barrel-chested man.  With a big square jaw, he looked every bit like the Corps' bulldog mascot, with a bark to match.  As a young enlisted man he was sent as an advisor to Haiti and Nicaragua where he was given local commisions and put in command of much larger units than he would ever have seen in the States.  He eventually became a 'mustang' officer and was ready to serve as a colonel and general just when his nation needed him most, in the Pacific Isles and in Korea.  He's the only person to win the Navy Cross five times.  

His combat stories are the stuff of legend, even after piercing the myths around this character.  The most telling thing I can say about the man is to relate a story from well away from the combat field.  Puller was involved with his local community whenever he could be.  
"In 1958, he and Virginia attended a panel discussion on teen behavior hosted by the Parent-Teacher Association.  When the experts had talked themselves out, the moderator asked if anyone in the audience wished to add anything.  Puller jumped to his feet: "I certainly do."  As he launched into his favorite topic, he began walking up and down the aisle, his drill field voice holding everyone's attention.  "I keep hearing and reading about the terrible teenagers of today.  Leave them alone.  They don't need to be downed or upheld.  I am tired of hearing all this ballyhoo.  Every newspaper and magazine you pick up is full of it.  Just don't worry about the young boys of today.  They don't need to be coddled and they don't deserve to be condemned."  After repeating his view that the young Marines at the Chosin Reservoir were at least the equal of the Revolutionary War soldiers at Valley Forge, he concluded: "Leave your sons alone and let them grow up to be men."  The last word boomed off the walls like a cannon shot.  He sat down and his  hundred or so fellow citizens cheered and applauded."
[From Col Jon T. Hoffman's studious biography]

Good night Chesty, wherever you are.

Currently reading:
Chesty: The Story of Lieutenant General Lewis B. Puller, USMC
By Jon T. Hoffman
Release date: 2002-08-13
Shawn Mahaney

One more quick note. If you don't know about the Chosin Reservoir - it's a valley in which Puller's Division, reinforced with one Army regiment, became surrounded and outnumbered about 30-1. In winter conditions probably colder than any other in which large scale military action was ever pursued, the division held together and fought for weeks, doggedly as a cohesive unit, punching its way out to safety.

Posted by HVY MTL on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 - 10:29 AM
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