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Last Updated: 3/18/2009

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 37
Sign: Cancer

State: South Carolina
Country: US
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009 

Current mood:nasal
Category: Life
I try to steer away from scatalogical humor here (well, usually... and I did say "try"), but this story is just to much to pass.... up.  A 'software' 'developer' is suing over use of the phrase "pull my finger."  'What kind of software?!?' You might ask.  Well, it's a FART SIMULATOR; an electronic noise maker that's available for your FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR HANDHELD COMPUTER

"iPhone Flatulence Fakers Feud Over 'Pull My Finger'"
"Air-o-Matic, of Jacksonville, Fla., makes a popular iPhone flatulence-simulating application called "Pull My Finger."

Infomedia, of Loveland, Colo., makes another popular iPhone flatulence-simulating application called "iFart" — but uses the phrase "pull my finger" in its marketing campaign."
"Air-o-Matic has since asked for $50,000 to settle the matter and indicated it plans to sue Infomedia for trademark infringement."

Yes, this is in federal court!  But before it comes to legal 'blows', one party is already trying to sneak in an SBD.

"On Friday, Feb. 13, Infomedia made a pre-emptive strike — it asked a federal court in Denver for a declaratory judgment that "pull my finger" is such a common phrase that it can't be trademarked."

So that would make the other party's emissions for naught!  Throwing the case back at them in sort of a 'he who smelt it dealt it' routine.

And I bet you have plenty of good puns to go along with this, because this kind of humor is apparently even more poopular than I realized:

"There are between 75 and 100 other flatulence simulators in the App Store, so it's not clear if the outcome would make much difference."

Emphasis added - gotta make sure you caught wind of that part.

[aww... music search is broke; you know the only reference for this one is Spinal Tap's Break Like the Wind!]

Shawn Mahaney

And for my part of the legal brief - I'll point out that the SID chip in the good old Commodore VIC-20 was great at making fart sounds, to the delight of us 10 year old boys.
[in fact, it was a lot better at fart sounds than anything like a more traditional instrument!]
Posted by HVY MTL on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 - 12:59 PM
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