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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Food and Feces!
Current mood: constipated
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Back to the grind, today.  Normally we excrete odd news, and snarky comments, in these waters.  After the big dump last week, there's a backlog!

Betcha can't eat just one!
"Parishioners at St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church stopped a Connecticut man from leaving Saturday morning Mass after he "attempted to steal a handful of communion wafers from the priest," according to an arrest report.
Ricci had tried to leave the church after grabbing the communion wafers, but "the enraged and offended parishioners stood in his way," the report said."
Maybe they should sell popcorn for the show - services can run long, especially when there's communion.

Next time you book a train trip, ask about the age of the brake controllers.  Our EuroTrol-II system would never leave you locked out of the loo!

"A train conductor in Sweden said he was forced to shut down the toilets because too much flushing could stop the train."
"The toilets on the run between Borlange and Gavle were shut off Sunday because of a high number of passengers and, therefore, the potential for a high number of flushings, the Arbetarbladet newspaper reported.
If the pressure drops below a certain level, the emergency brakes trigger automatically, Gustavsson said, noting it literally is possible to "flush on the emergency brake." "

'What's that?  You want to run a power line all the way down the train, when there's this perfectly good source of compressed air already installed??  Just get me a wrench and some air pipe...'

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Yeah, there's nothing more yummy than those flat, tasteless, paper-like wafers. :-D
Certainly worth getting into a fight to try to make off with them!

Posted by Hilary on Nov 19, 2008 3:31 PM
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