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Nov 28, 2008

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Thursday, November 06, 2008


A Preview
Current mood: hopeful
Category: Life

Much more on this will follow in this space, probably next week*.

"One researcher pointed out, 'virtually every study on human happiness reveals that satisfying close relationships constitute the very best thing in life.  There is _nothing_ people consider more meaningful and essential to their mental and physical well-being than their close relationships with other people'

If this is indeed the case, then shouldn't it be easy for us to tend to our relationships and keep the closeness we need?  The answer, sadly, is 'no'.  Cultural forces that we identified earlier make it increasingly difficult to form and maintain close relationships.  In addition, we often fail to appreciate the fact that having people around is not the same thing as having close relationships.  Merely being surrounded by people does not mean that you have adequate emotional closeness with them.  What you need are relationships characterized by disclosure, trust, and caring.  Casual, superficial contacts don't do the trick and may actually tire us out more than they recharge our batteries, especially if we're introverts who need time and space alone."

Ooh, now that last line hits home, to me and a few others I know (and wish I knew better).

[* - I've realized that I just cannot focus on a book if there's an internet connected PC next to me... reading is going slowly!]

Currently reading :
Refrigerator Rights: Why we need to let people in our lives, our homes (and our refrigerators)... and
By Will Miller
Release date: By 2003-10-07

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I love when your blogs don't have math

Posted by Natalie on Nov 6, 2008 1:51 PM
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