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Nov 28, 2008

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Friday, October 24, 2008


A Victory for the Vigilantes - But WTF??
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Category: Life

[One for the old-school Spider Man/Punisher readers]

War Journal, October 2008.
The war wagon found a new use today...
"...on a wet evening in June, Murray heard the sound of wheels spinning near his Welcome Bay home, told his wife to ring the police and went outside where he could see and smell the smoke fumes.

He got into his 4WD and bailed up the Cefiro in the carpark of nearby tennis courts where it had allegedly been doing a burnout.

After the first ramming, the car's engine stopped. When it re-started, Murray drove into the vehicle again, pushing it 15m through a fence.

When police arrived, he said: "I am sick of them (boy racers). They are doing it all the time.""

The community is behind me on this one, but still the so-called 'authorities' must be appeased so discrete operations can continue.
"Several residents, also fed up with their neighbourhood being used for illegal driving, had gathered and were "happy" with Murray's actions.

Other citizens should be apprehending boy racers for the police, the lawyer suggested but added that Murray accepted he had "gone too far".
He was fined $500 plus $130 court costs for reckless driving, disqualified for six months and ordered to pay $500 reparation."


Now, here is the WTF moment.  It involves the sentence given to the young perp.

"In July, the youth pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle with sustained loss of traction and was fined $1000, disqualified from driving for eight months and ordered not to have any interest in a motor vehicle for a year."

Not to have any interest in a motor vehicle??

'Alright kid, what's that in your hand?'
'Nothing, officer!'
'Eh, I saw it.  It was a copy of Car and Driver wasn't it?  I bet it's got some sexy new Ferrari or racing tires in thereYou're not allowed any interest in that!'
'Ok, you caught me.  But can I keep the Danica Patrick poster, pleeeease?'
'I suppose that would be ok.  Let me see...'

'Yeah, I'm, ah... going to confiscate that too.'

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