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Nov 28, 2008

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


A Lovely Pastoral Scene
Category: Life

You couldn't describe a prettier scene.  It's a pasture set in rolling hills, with a few scattered mature trees.  The wooden fence winds its way down the hill, to the flowing stream.  One can almost feel the early fall air, as it gives the scene a crispness to all the greenery  What could be better?  Add a horse!

Make it a solid shimmering brown, with a soft wispy mane.  A young filly perhaps, playful and sweet.  Yes, this would be a fanatastic scene.  But... the composition may be difficult to arrange for a good photo, if the horse is DUMBER THAN A SUB-PRIME MORTGAGE INSURER.

"The young filly needed to be freed from the tree after curiosity got the better of it and it wedged its head between separate sections of the trunk.

The horse, called Gracie, was unable to free itself and could have been in danger were it not for a passer-by who was able to come to the rescue after he heard the horse whinnying .

Jason Harschbarger, a neighbour in the town of Pullman, West Virginia, USA, arrived at the scene which resembled the image of Winnie the Pooh getting stuck in the honey tree.

Mr Harschbarger collected his tools and was able to carefully set the horse free by using a chainsaw to slowly cut the wood around its neck.

However, before he did so, he was able to take a few photographs."

Gracie is said to be making a full recovery.  But we suspect that Gracie may be related to Peggy in South Tyneside.

"Pub bans horse from boozing in bar"
"For the 12-year-old black beauty had become a regular after wandering inside her local one day when owner Pete Dolan, 62, forgot to tether her properly while he popped in for a pint.

She quickly found she loved supping John Smith's and chomping down beef crisps with the other drinkers.

But now the Alexandra Hotel in Jarrow, South Tyneside, has had a makeover - and landlady Jackie Gray, 46, has decided her hoofprints are no longer welcome on the new carpets.

Jackie said: "Although she is probably cleaner than some of my other customers, I had to put my foot down.""

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Is this what people are doing for money? I can do that with my 8.0 version of photoshop. Thanks for the job app!

Posted by Cynthia on Oct 22, 2008 11:08 AM
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