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Friday, October 17, 2008


God Bless America!
Current mood: busy
Category: News and Politics

This makes me feel all warm inside.  And some outside parts too.

"Palin-Lookalike Strippers"
"A Sin City strip club is inviting exotic dancers for a Palin lookalike contest. Club Paradise in Las Vegas says strippers from all over the country will compete.

The pseudo Palins will strut their stuff wearing swimsuits and be asked to debate, too. A news release says club patrons will vote for the winner.

The club owners note the real GOP V.P. nominee competed as a beauty queen years ago. The winning stripper will get a $10,000 package, including a trip to Washington for Inauguration Day in January. "

The reader is invited, when his or her brain un-fogs from that visual, to compare and contrast that news to these other two stories:

" 'Surge in unfair' Saudi beheading"
"A human rights group says executions are surging in Saudi Arabia, and those most likely to face death by the sword are migrant workers and poor Saudis.

Amnesty International says these groups are executed disproportionately and indiscriminately because they are unable to use the "blood money" system. "

It's not that bad all over the big sand pit.  In Dubai they do try a little more to be amenable to westerners.  Still, one has to question the wisdom of running an ALL YOU CAN DRINK CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH in an Islamic theocraship.

"Britons get jail time in sex-on-beach case"
"A British couple were sentenced to three months in prison yesterday after being found guilty of having sex on a Dubai beach following a champagne-fuelled brunch.
The sentences were shorter than the maximum tariff of two years, and were described as lenient by prosecutors. But they are likely to cast a pall, at least temporarily, over Dubai's Friday brunches, which are attended by thousands of expats and have become a routine way of starting the weekend. Just as Dubai's Muslims head to the mosque for Friday prayers, beachfront hotels lay on "all you can eat and drink" spreads for a fixed price.
He described seeing Palmer in his torch light with her "shirt off" and "sitting on" Acors, who was in Dubai on holiday.

Acors and Palmer both denied offences of unmarried sex and public indecency but admitted being drunk at the time of their arrest.

Palmer, who was sacked from her job in Dubai as a publishing executive after her arrest, claimed they were "just kissing and hugging". She went on: "We didn't have sex together. I was lying on top of him." "

Yeah, I think I'll pass on the Qatari Air plane tickets and stick with weekends in Vegas.

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