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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I Just Can’t See Miss USA Ever Doing This
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Some times, even beauty queens go bad, or get embarrassed.  This former teenage boy will not soon forget the Penthouse spread on Vanessa Williams.
[click here for amazing recent photo of this classic lady]

Other pageant winners make the news with some frequency nowadays.  The reader may recall the story of Tara Connor, who was seen at loud New York nightclubs behaving like... a 21 year old hottie at a loud New York nightclub. 

The worst case of pageant queen badness I could find is this,
"Arizona Beauty Queen Charged With Kidnapping, Torturing Ex-Boyfriend"
"Kumari Fulbright, a former Miss Pima County and current University of Arizona law school student, was indicted on Dec. 18 on felony charges of armed robbery, aggravated robbery, kidnapping and two counts of aggravated assault related to allegedly holding her 24-year-old ex-boyfriend hostage."

[with photos!]

But, the winner of an alternative pageant across the pond has topped that, handily.
Am I terribly sexist or homophobic for suggesting that Miss USA, or Miss *anything*, will never be named in a news story like this one?
"Ex-Mr Gay UK 'cooked and ate sex partner'"
"The first winner of the Mr Gay UK beauty contest stabbed a man to death, cut flesh from his thigh, then cooked it and tried to eat it, a court heard.
After trying to eat a piece of his victim, Mr Morley walked into a takeaway wearing a white dressing gown and flip flops and said: "I've killed someone, call the police." The trial continues. "

Helpful image from MSN Australia (much less discreet images of the accused are readily available... or so I heard),

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Whoa. How did I miss this blog? Looks like Ms. Connor missed the part of her mother's lecture about being pretty on the inside...

As for the gay or bi cannibal dude...uh, ew.

Posted by Cynthia on Oct 22, 2008 2:43 PM
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