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Monday, October 06, 2008


Not Exactly a Boy Scout
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Ok, I never got past Cub Scouts (what the heck is a Webelo, anyway?), but I did pick up that "Be Prepared" thing.  There mighta been something in the book about "don't steal gas", too, but just in case they skipped that: 

 - gas can, check.
 - siphon tube, check.
 - flashlight...  oh, shoot.  Well, at least I've got my lighter!

Yeah, the Boy Scout manual  editors probably didn't think it necessary to include,  "DON'T STRIKE A LIGHTER OVER THE NOZZLE OF A HALF FULL GAS CAN"!

"Police: Man Burned While Using Lighter To Siphon Gas"
(with video report - showing the vehicle damage and what's left of the gas can!)
"Police said the man lives in Wauzeka and was visiting friends. But when he went to drive home early Saturday morning he didn't have enough gas and attempted to siphon some from the van into his SUV, with help from a Mukwonago woman.

Police said when he couldn't see how much was in the container, he used a lighter to check.

A blast of fire burned his hands. Neighbors called police.

Police said he and the woman were found a short time later in a store parking lot.

He was arrested on charges of theft and negligent use of burning materials.

She was referred to authorities for being party to theft."

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looks like karma has a funny bone

are these areas/places real Wauzeka, Mukwonago?

Posted by Cynthia on Oct 6, 2008 2:20 PM
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Yup, which is why the video was especially interesting - hearing the local anchors say the names like every day common words. And the yooper-ish accent of the actual locals!

Posted by HVY MTL on Oct 6, 2008 2:25 PM
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