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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Waiting on The Lightning Strike
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Ok, one of these days, when I'm in a really foul mood and don't care what y'all think, I'm going to go ahead and post that four page anti-airline/travel sux/gonnastrangleasteward rant.  But for now, I'm a very happy nerd.  Everything went so perfectly yesterday that, it only dawns on me now, something really dreadful must be coming due!  [Is that what they call 'pessimism'?  ;-) ]

Sunday "they" sent "us" to Chicago for a railroad industry trade show.  I drove my own car to Charlotte, since I' in Charlotte through Wednesday for a class, and eveyone else flew.  My drive went by quickly, parking was no hassle, and I was at the gate sipping coffee early.  (Everyone else had trouble).  Chicago was cool, I had a good run along the lakeshore, from the modern four-star hotel I lucked into (show hotel was full).  On the way back is when things got surreal - way too good to be true.

The shuttle back to the airport had a courteous competent driver.  There was no traffic to deal with (in Chicago on a Monday afternoon!).  I shared the shuttle with four nurses, who were busy talking about how they weren't *ever* going to talk about the previous night.  Security at O'Hare was trivial, and I was in the terminal hours early.

I walked up to a much earlier flight, just as boarding began.  The gate agent said there was one window seat left - mine!  I board, getting no grief about my overstuffed carry-on when the previous guy had to gate check.  Lo and behold, for only the second time ever, I got the seat next to the one hot gal on the flight! The last time this happened, I was stinking drunk, smelled of cigar smoke, and had just puked on the jetway.  [Stephanie, who had switched flights the same as me, lives in Columbia and works for a large adoption agency]  Oh, but there were two lap-held toddlers on our row... and they slept the whole time!

The plane pushed back on time, we barely paused in line before take-off, had a smooth flight, and landed early.  They gave us gate B1 - right in front of the door!  Surely my luck can't hold out much longer...

Well, after a run up I-77, with not even a touch of the brakes for traffic, I found the hotel on the first try.  Leaving there, I quickly found the regional mall area, and figured I'd be settling for a chain diner.  But, the first place I find is a cool pub & pool hall, with free wifi, and they got the football game in HD.  "Say, you wouldn't happen to have this new beer I've been wanting to try..."  Damn, got that too.

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I think the travel Gods are making up for the last trip! wink wink

Posted by Val on Sep 23, 2008 8:44 PM
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