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Friday, September 19, 2008


It’s Worse Than Going Hungry to the Grocery Store
Current mood: artistic
Category: Art and Photography

If I ever go get groceries, get there and realize that I've got a growly tummy - it's dangerous.  There's no telling what might 'just happen to fall' into the cart.  But there, you can stop at the bulk nuts bins, write up an ounce of almonds, scarf 'em down, and be satiated for a little bit until you get home to cook something reasonable.

It doesn't work that way at the electronics store!  You can't just much on a little memory card to keep your eyes from getting big looking at the new hi-res monitors.

I went out yesterday with a specific mission.  I need to replace my old digital camera.  I needed a camera to use yesterday afternoon (to look at a possible new house - stay tuned).  One store had an older Kodak model on clearance, exactly what I wanted, for only $150.  Cool.

Oh, but "clearance" means "we're only keep one per store per week in stock to get you in the door".  And I didn't get it.  But... I still need a camera.

So, it's over to another store.  Nothing similar in that price range, but hey there's a sexy new model - better features and more compact.  Sure, it's $300, but... but...
Ok.  I got me a shiny new toy.
one model newer than this one
[big-ish lens (f 2.8!), super zoom, full-auto to full-program, pop-up flash, still pocketable]

p.s. - I misused a word the other day.  I used the word "bohemian" in a derogatory manner, calling less-productive city folk "bohemian spongers".  Using the definitions here, that was misdirected.
I actually meant to include *all* urbanites, those who profess a perverse desire to huddle together in noisy masses, avoiding things like material production while reveling in their angst over wondering if they're urbane enough.  Blech.  Poor sods.

Currently listening :
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Immaculately Cruel

lol - that is the same one I want!!!!
My little silver PowerShot is on it's last leg....it's had JAGER spilled on it one too many times :D
It's nice to have a small camera when I don't feel like lugging the big one around!

I am super jealous you got this before I did :P

Posted by Immaculately Cruel on Sep 19, 2008 1:18 PM
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nice new toy!..but no kinky comment about tripod by your bed? disappointed..

Posted by Cynthia on Sep 19, 2008 8:06 PM
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Immaculately Cruel

I'm with Cynthia...

you should know better than to leave out obvious kinky references :D

Posted by Immaculately Cruel on Sep 22, 2008 11:47 AM
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