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Monday, July 28, 2008 

Misleading Headlines in History
Current mood:  fermented
Category: News and Politics

This headline caught my eye the other day,
"Ga. cyclists beat gas prices with 42-mile commute"
"...From there the route becomes more difficult - and more crowded. They converge on busier roads and a long line of cars gathers behind, some drivers flashing their brights and honking horns. When the narrow road opens into a passing lane, the cars zoom by, with one driver flashing the pair a nasty gesture."

So, there's a repetetive workout routine, big food costs (hey, that's at least a couple  kilo-kilo-calories a day there), increased hazard (to selves and others), and drmatically decreased convenience and utility... It sounds more to me like "Gas Prices Beat Georgia Engineers".

In fact this story is so backwards, it brings to mind other classic headlines one may or may not find in the news archives.

"Nero Recital Warmly Recieved" - Roman Musical Review

"Titanic Clears Shipping Lanes of Large Iceberg" - White Star Daily Express

"New Rail Line  to Serve Auschwitz" - Rhein Valley Transport News

"General Sherman Toasts Southern Architecture" - Southern Living


p.s. - If one is out in the sun all day, and one does not put on sunscreen until mid afternoon (faaaaar too late), do remember to remove any band-aid that may be on one's forehead.   I need some flesh tone paint...

Currently reading:
Physics for Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines
By Richard A. Muller

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