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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


This One Needs an Illustration
Current mood: vital
Category: Art and Photography

Preferably, a stick-figure animation showing the perp with his stick legs flailing in air!

"Man chokes to death trying to climb in window"
"MARION, S.C. (AP) -- Authorities say a man trying to break into his ex-wife's home through a tiny window got stuck and choked to death.

Marion County deputies tell WPDE-TV that someone called 911 on Thursday morning after seeing 46-year-old Tommy Dixon hanging from the window several feet above the ground.

Investigators say they think Dixon was standing on a trash can trying to get through the window when the can slipped from under him, leaving his head stuck in the opening."

Always use a good ladder, kids, and keep those three points of contact when breaking in to your ex's house!

But there is some controversy - "
We talked with Dixon's family and they tell us they can't believe he would try to get in the house through a window that small.

Janice Gause, Tommy's sister, said, "Coming over here and looking at the window that they say he was trying to break in, my grandbaby can't even fit through that window, so there's no way Tommy would try to go through a window like that.""

Well, memaw, I got news for you.  Your dear brother might just have been an idiot. (and I'd bet an empty 12-pack that he emptied it)

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