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Dec 20, 2008

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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Vacation Plans?
Category: Travel and Places

Before you consider setting foot in Canada...

"The grisly saga of human feet washing ashore on the coastlines of British Columbia became even more macabre Wednesday with the discovery of a sixth human foot on a beach in Campbell River, B.C."

"The latest body part in a series of gruesome discoveries, which is capturing interest around the world, washed ashore on beach near the Thunderbird RV Park and Campground. The foot was discovered in the morning by a Campbell River woman who had been looking for rocks for a crafts project.

The unidentified woman had heard of the other human feet and rushed up to tell Sandra Malone, owner of the RV Park, to call the police.

Malone, who had also heard of the cases of the disarticulated feet, raced down to look at the latest finding.

"People are all talking about this. You wonder if it's a serial killer thing or what's going on," said Malone. "They're washing up all over the place."

Malone said she saw a right foot inside a black Adidas running shoe, which was sitting above the high-tide line about a metre from the grass.

"The woman who found it thought it was just a shoe until she saw the bones sticking out,""

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