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Monday, June 16, 2008


Understated and Classy Where Least Expected
Current mood: thirsty
Category: News and Politics

"Investigators said that recently their relationship had become strained."

Ya don't say???

The body of the story:
"Marshall Scott Tapp and his uncle, 74-year-old Kenneth Tapp, were found dead Thursday night. Johnson said both suffered multiple stab wounds, and their bodies were found at separate locations.Scott Tapp was stabbed to death in his home. Kenneth Tapp was stabbed while sitting in his truck outside his nephew's home. His body was dumped in a field behind his home in Lyman.Police said when Phillip Tap was arrested in Tennessee he was driving Kenneth Tapp's truck. Police said that Scott and Phillip Tapp had been fighting over a dog that was let into the house where they had both been living."

In the context, this is a nearly British level of understatement.  But this line sums up the story at WYFF, a South Carolina network television station.


On the unexpectedly "classy" side, the people at Miller Brewing threw me for a loop one recent weekend in Minnesota.

Recall the last public on-the-street campaign for Miller Lite, which involved girls in tight 'referee' tops (with deeeeeep V-necks) giving quick sips of beer and asking which had "more taste".  Not which beer was better, just which one fit their current marketing lingo.

Imagine my surprise when two ladies walked up to our table in classy polo shirts and black skirts.  The Miller Lite label on their shirt breast was discreetly embroidered.  After engaging us politely, they presented each person at the table with a glossy printed mat explaining the three new beers we were about to be presented.  And I mean explaining - from the taste and color down to the basic recipie of each.  No gimmicky made-up words like "Retsin" or "Flavor Crystals".  On the mat were placed three distinct little shot glasses, each with a modest Miller logo.  Each was filled with the appropriate beer and we were invited to try them, and keep the glasses.

I'm still puzzled by all this...

Oh, the beers weren't anything special, but a fair effort at premium lo-cal "light" beers, which are not easy to make.

Read more here:

"Refreshing without being watery, all three measure 4.2 percent alcohol by volume and contain 110 calories and 6.2 grams of carbs per 12-ounce serving. (By contrast, the typical craft beer exceeds 5 percent alcohol by volume, and a comparable pour packs more than 150 calories and 12 grams of carbs.) Depending on how well they sell during the three- to four-month test period, Miller will decide whether to roll them out nationwide and whether to add a draft version to the 12-ounce bottles now available. Beer geeks can turn up their noses at light beer, but it presents technical challenges that heavier styles do not. Miller's senior brewmaster, David Ryder, is loath to reveal proprietary secrets, but he will talk in general terms...."

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I would have enjoyed that so much more had it been scott stapp.

Posted by homesick on Jun 17, 2008 7:22 PM
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never underestimate the black skirt!

even though you said the beers weren't special which was your pick?

Posted by Cynthia on Jun 17, 2008 7:31 PM
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None stood out, and I was already enjoying a local hefewiesen which overpowered all three.

Posted by HVY MTL on Jun 17, 2008 10:51 PM
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I buy the hefewiezen summer vacation mix. It's at publix in a yellow box for $12.00 on sale (12 bottles) its has the Harpoon ipa, UFO raspberry, pale summer ale, flying dog and one more ...that I can't remember but they were GREAT!

Posted by Cynthia on Jun 18, 2008 7:33 PM
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