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Friday, April 11, 2008


Oh, such darling little ones!
Current mood: devious
Category: Life

Girl, 3, threw out family savings


A Chinese couple are distraught after their three year old daughter threw their savings out of the window of their 17th floor flat.

The little girl threw the equivalent of £700 out of the window of their rented apartment in Shenzen while her parents were asleep.

"When I woke up, she wasn't beside me, and my purse was on the bed, open, and with a thick wad of money missing," said the mother, Mrs. Huang.

Mrs Huang says she immediately asked her daughter what had happened, but the girl said she didn't know.

"I looked everywhere, then I noticed there were two notes on the windowsill, and another two on the window sill one floor down," she added.

The owner of a restaurant on the first floor of the building told her that money had been raining down on to the street, and that passers-by had gone crazy trying to catch it.

Mrs Huang said she spent the whole day in tears as £400 of the money had belonged to other people.

"We're now hoping for magic, and that the people with our money will bring it back," she said.

The parents have now installed wire mesh on all of their windows, reports Southern Metropolis News.

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