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Monday, March 24, 2008


The NCAA Brackets are Finally Out!
Current mood: delighted
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After a great weekend of conference playoff action, the teams are selected and the NCAA division I men’s playoff brackets are ready!

Once again, things worked out so that a team with a losing record, Wisconsin, made the big dance, er, skate.  The story of the year has to be Michigan, with a very young team ravaged by pro defectors, picked pre-season to only manage fourth in their conference, going on to be the overall 1 seed in the whole tournament.  They begin against Niagara in Albany NY on Friday.

Defending champs Michigan State start in Colorado Springs as the 2 seed, against Colorado College.  Western teams dominate the field this year, with 6 of the 16 teams being from the WCHA.  The Frozen Four will kick off April 10th in Denver, watch for it on ESPN.

Oh, in other news, some number of people are betting on another NCAA championship tournament this month.  This sort of folly is beyond belief, as the other sport is the most arbitrary defense-free contrivance in all of sport.  One may as well bet on coin tosses - there still a remote chance of something interesting happening, should the coin land on edge.

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