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Thursday, February 28, 2008


The local news is the best.
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We open today with a story about man's best friend - who is not always very bright.

"Two men are recovering from bites after they were attacked by an 85-pound German shepherd who then bit the tires of the animal control officer's vehicle when he showed up at the scene."
The best bit of the story is who owned the dog - a former animal control officer, of the same department!  We have to wonder if this fellow retired or was let go for being not very good at, well, at "animal control".
"...the dog, whose name is Trouble, leaped over a fence and attacked him. Branch was knocked to the ground and the dog bit his leg.

Branch called for help, and Crescencia Guitierez heard him, and ran to help. The dog then bit Guitierez on the calf.

The men were able to get away from the dog, and a Gaffney animal control officer was called to the neighborhood.

The officer said when he pulled up, Trouble began attacking the vehicle, biting on the tires.

The dog was eventually captured and has been quarantined, but the report indicated that the dog was healthy, licensed and vaccinated.

Gaffney Animal Control said that the dog belongs to a former officer of the agency."

Briefly, a story of love, and the inevitable attempted homicide.
"...the information received was substantial enough to charge Mary Brooks. He said that based on their investigation, it was very likely that Brooks tried to get others to assist her in the crime.

Foster said that several samples of medications have been taken to the State Law Enforcement Division for analysis. Getting the results of that analysis is expected to take some time.

SLED is also analyzing a sample of hair from Brooks' husband.

Foster said the apparent cause of the attempted murder was a combination of ongoing business and domestic -related disputes between Mary Brooks and her husband. The couple jointly operates a bar/club called Marx Marina in the Prosperity section of Newberry County."

The lesson here?  When going into business with your immortal beloved, keep the books neat and your drinks clear.

The last local story today needs a photo to bring it home.
"Woman Accused Of Knowingly Spreading HIV"

"A prostitute knowingly exposed her customers to the HIV virus years after a doctor told her she was infected, police said Tuesday.

Police said that in August 2007, Christa Elizabeth Coleman, 39, solicited a police informant and offered to perform a sex act for $10. Officers said that they watched Coleman get into the car and have a verbal exchange with the informant. Police pulled over the car, searched Coleman and arrested her.

...records showed that Coleman had told in March 2002 that she was infected. There was a signed statement in the file stating that Coleman had been informed that she was HIV positive.

The informant in the prior arrest said that Coleman did not tell the informant that she is HIV positive."

Who in their right mind would pay to hook up with such a...
Um, did you say ten dollars?  Really??  Lemmee check my piggy bank.

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Regarding the description of the 85 pound German Shepherd - the report indicated that the dog was healthy, licensed and vaccinated and BRILLIANT. They left out brilliant.

Posted by Cynthia on Feb 29, 2008 2:14 PM
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Posted by HVY MTL on Feb 29, 2008 2:36 PM
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