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Thursday, January 24, 2008


From a friend
Current mood: gallant
Category: Romance and Relationships

I'm really hoping this was not directed toward me.  I mean, this isn't something I've done, that I remember, but when the drunk texting hours come along...

Anyway, here is a blog from a female friend, earlier in the week.


Current mood: pissed off
Category: Romance and Relationships

Yeah, I am just a little pissed off, did the title give it away? Where oh where to begin....... Well, let's just jump right in, head first. For all you assholes hiding behind your computer screen and keyboard, yes talking to you NAMES REMOVED CAUSE I AM A NICE PERSON, AND I HAD MY VENT - IF YOU WANT NAMES, ASK ME, and a couple of other jerk-offs, you are not men, and I will let you in on a little clue as to why you are still single.

You put up a profile, seem like nice "men", nice looking, well spoken, and you make contact. The conversations start flowing and next thing you know a month or so has passed by. Then one day, it finally arrives, the email you feared, the "can you send me some more pics, I want to see more of you". Um, hello???? I have an assload of pics out there, and WAAAAAAAY more than you. And when I point that out, oh yes, you know what comes next, the "you know what I mean, I want to see more of YOU". And this is followed up with a request to photo share or the statement,  " I have some pics I took just for you, I am going to send them to you now".  Which I answer with a OH HELL NO.

Well in all honesty, there have been a few times a yes has passed my lips, but its rare. But just so you know, pretending to be something you are not, in this case, rational, emotionally stable men, is immediately evident when you get drunk and "sneak" the work camera home so you can take drunk pictures of your lonely dicks. And then pout and get offended when I don't glady want to see those pics. And for those that have those pics ready and handy on your phone, GOOD GOD, who all do you send those too? Seriously, I am not a sheltered person, but it amazes me how many men are walking around with pictures of their dicks on their phones, and are so willing to send them out to any and everyone. And nevermind how ready they are to want to hook up with someone they have never spoke with. Have you not heard of this little thing called AIDS??(reality check - I want a boyfriend, I am NOT desperate)

So you can "borrow" a camera from work and take pics of your privates, but refuse to take a current pic of your face to send me, red flag on the play! You can sit behind your computer all day and instant message and email, but you can't be bothered to call me on the phone as you think "talking to me would be a waste of your time, making small talk". Red flag numero dos.

Final red flag and cause for ejection from the game - oh that would be when I tell you to man up and either call or make plans, and you delete in the stealth of o dark thirty and block a person. How fucking cowardly can a "man" be????

I am so sick of all the pervs and assholes out there parading as MEN. So, if you only want sex, move on, if you only want to talk shit online, move on, if you want sexy pics of me, move on, if you have sexy pics of yourself that you offer without being asked for, move on, if the only thing you can think to say or ask me has to do with my boobs and/or size of, move the fuck on!

With that being said, the real men, if you are out there, are welcome to speak to me."

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Ledbetter Heights
By Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Release date: By 19 September, 1995

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Sweet Jesus! Wow. I'll tell you, that's the LAST time I send out my "Happy Holidays, Look At My Penis!!" Christmas E-cards!

Posted by Vince on Jan 24, 2008 9:22 AM
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Oh, but it looked so cute with the wreath and antlers!

Posted by HVY MTL on Jan 24, 2008 9:35 AM
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Oh, please thank her for explaining what those teensy, tiny, weensy, bitty, little images were. I wasted countless hours staring. I thought it was my pixel setting?

Posted by Cynthia on Jan 24, 2008 2:52 PM
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Being a little older, I remember the days before camera phones...


Posted by HVY MTL on Jan 24, 2008 3:20 PM
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You mean when the pervs took time and care to mail photos via U.S. stamped enevelopes or just the good ole fashioned street flashers? :)

Posted by Cynthia on Jan 24, 2008 3:47 PM
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