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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Who keeps checking my blog?
Current mood: awake
Category: Blogging

Sure, I could pit picture bugs on all your profiles and find out which two people check my blog every day, but you could save me the trouble by clicking "Subscribe to this blog".  Then you would be notified about any new postings.  It's one of those little things where computers can be helpful (not in the reinvent-your-life promise of a Macintosh ad, just a simple bit of useful automation).

When someone uses the phrase "...with nothing but the shirt on my back", do you always assume they were also wearing pants?  Whatever the story, it's a totally different story if they weren't.

Tom Brady is now on my "list".  Not that I need a "list", really, being not formally tied down, but I just feel it needs to be declared early on.

When football is over for the year, are they going to put any more hockey on TV?  If not, the DirectTV is going to be shut off early this year.

In case you missed it, most of the western world had no top-tier air defense fighters for a month recently:
Planes get old, especially if used appropritely in regular training and practice.  Duh.  But don't try telling that to congress, which insists on having a huge expeditionary military but usually is reluctant to fund it.
Anyway, somewhere there just has to be an old hardliner ex-Soviet air force general saying, "If only we had held out a little longer... here was our chance!".

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